University Park UMC: Executive Administrative Assistant

Date Posted: 10/20/2021

University Park UMC, University Park, TX

Job Description

Status: Full-time, exempt from overtime

Average hours/week: 40; generally Monday-Friday, 8:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.


  • Perform administrative duties for Senior Pastor (SP) and Executive Pastor (EP)
    • Manage calendars of SP and EP
    • Organizing and filing, as needed
    • Communicate with church staff and committees on behalf of SP and EP
    • Organize and order meals for evening meetings hosted by SP and EP
    • Other administrative duties, as assigned
  • Serve as liaison between SP and outside organizations (NTC, judicatory bodies, other churches, and non-profits)
  • Membership Secretary
    • Working knowledge of ACST Realm
    • Weekly attendance tracking and recording (worship services, Sunday school)
    • Create registration events
    • Ongoing membership updates (adds, changes, transfers, deaths, births, correspondence, etc.)
    • Monthly membership reports
    • Roster maintenance and reports (adds, changes, promotions)
    • Annual Charge Conference membership reads (audits) and reports
    • Annual Conference Checkout reports

Duties Specific to Senior Minister:

  • Help to build a weekly task list
  • Calendar
    • All SP appointments go through Executive Administrative Assistant. 
    • Coordinate all calendar with notes.  (Ask: What info would assist SP to be prepared for this meeting?)
    • Appointments are either 25 minutes or 45 minutes
    • Help SP to maintain Monday as his day off
    • No lunch appointments on Thursday or Friday
    • Assist in setting aside time for sermon and teaching preparation during the week (approximately 8 hours)
    • Assist in reserving 2-3 hours per week for meetings with staff
    • Assist in setting quarterly three-day sermon planning retreats to occur mid-week
  • Email
    • Check SP Email throughout the day, flagging high priority emails
    • Ask for assistance in responding, especially if SP is out of the office
    • Help SP to choose times during the week for email Sabbath.  You will check email and let him know of anything urgent.
  • Phone calls
    • Most of SP calls will come to your desk first. Return calls, when you deem appropriate.  Notify SP of those that he should return.
    • Check SP voicemail daily when he is out of the office. Text information on any urgent messages.
    • SP’s preferences:
      • Members and church staff who call receive a call back that day.
      • Non-members, clergy colleagues, and others outside the organization receive a call back within 48 hours.
    • SP’s cell phone number is private and not shared widely.

Duties Specific to Executive Pastor:

  • Organize EP email
  • Schedule EP appointments
  • Format Staff Meeting Agendas
  • EP standard weekday schedule is T-Fr, about 9:00 a.m. until whenever she leaves
    • She is away from church and email on Mondays.  Please text if there is an urgent matter.
  • Check voicemail at end of each day. Email EP with any messages.
  • Assist with prep for Church Council and other meetings

Other Duties:

  • Attend weekly staff meeting, congregational care meeting, and worship meeting
  • Attend evening meetings on occasion, as requested
  • Attend all-church events as requested
  • Greet people in advance of pastor meetings (i.e. family members for funeral planning)
  • Register SP and EP for conferences, seminars, etc.  

How to Apply

Email a resume and cover letter to Senior Pastor Joe Stobaugh at
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 214-368-1435


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