St. Andrew UMC: Student Ministry Summer Interns

Date Posted: 4/5/2022

St. Andrew UMC, Plano, TX

Job Description

The primary role of the Student Ministry Summer Interns is to serve within our ministry as committed servant leaders, encouraging and leading our students and their families to become passionate disciples of Christ. In addition to front-line ministry work, this position is heavily involved in behind-the-scenes operations and logistics.

The internship is a 12-week period:

Start Date – Monday, May 16

End Date – Sunday, Aug. 7

Compensation – $3500 for 12 weeks at about 30 hours per week (will work more than 30 hours on Mission Trip and Summer Camp).


  • Create and Build Relationships. The primary goal for summer staff is for you to be in relationships with students and help them feel connected and welcomed within the student ministry, which enables growth in their faith.
  • Plan and Execute Summer Programming. We view the summer as the main entry point where students get involved in the student ministry. If they aren’t around during the summer, then they likely won’t be during the school year. So, we offer a lot of trips and events where they can be in community together. Our two big trips are Mission Trip & Camp Impact. We also have weekly events both at the church and offsite. These programs and events take a lot of planning and work to be effective and the interns are critical in implementing these events. Interns will be required to do manual labor and will be responsible for some tasks that might not seem glamorous, but are all necessary parts to the trips/events.
  • Attend Weekly Meetings. We will have a weekly all-staff meeting on Mondays for planning of summer programming and trips, as well as a separate Middle School/High School meetings for weekly programming logistics. Interns are expected to attend all necessary staff meetings. 
  • Pre-Trip Prep. The week before our two summer trips involve a lot prep and organizing of all logistics and supplies. Each intern will have a list of tasks and assignments to be completed for these trips. 
  • Promotion of Events. Help promote weekly student gatherings and major summer events via social media and self-made videos.
  • Administrative Responsibilities. Follow up with visitors and invite them to programs and events. Make phone calls and recruit volunteers for trips as needed.
  • Summer Projects. Work on major ministry projects as a team throughout summer.
  • Other duties as assigned by Student Ministry Staff.

How to Apply

Email a resume and cover letter to Michael Agnew, Student Ministry Director, at
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 281-8087411


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