Spring Valley UMC: Youth Leader

Date Posted: 8/31/2022

Spring Valley UMC, Dallas, TX

Job Description


Sunday Mornings:

  • Lead and teach Youth Sunday Morning Ministry
  • Attend worship with youth

Sunday Evenings:

  • Lead and teach Youth Sunday Evening Ministry

During the Week/Month/Year:

  • Communicate weekly with Director to receive and review  lesson plans for Sunday morning and Sunday evening
  • Participate in monthly Special Activities or Service Projects (these are usually done as the weekly youth meeting)
  • Participate in annual Mission Trips (as possible in relation to other employment)
  • Participate in semi-annual Retreats  (as possible in relation to other employment)
  • Communicate with Youth on social media
  • Participate in Youth Council meetings (these are held monthly on Sundays)
  • Participate in Parent Meetings (these are held quarterly on Sundays)


  • Possess basic knowledge and understanding of the Bible
  • Understand and advocate for the grace based theology and mission of The United Methodist Church

 Preferred Skills and traits:

  • Possess personal, active and growing relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ
  • Project positive energy, warmth and ability to share the love of Jesus with youth
  • Proficient in engaging and connecting with youth
  • Possess effective communication skills (verbal, written and interpersonal)
  • Possess competency with social media
  • Participate on staff as a good team player
  • Be open and responsive to direction

Additional Notes:

  • This position is not responsible for any administrative duties or details
  • This position may participate in but is not responsible for the choice or purchase of curriculum

Time Requirement: 8 hours (6 hours on Sunday + 2 hours during the week)

How to Apply

Send an email to Rev. Paul Gould at
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 972-233-7671


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