Lake Highlands UMC: Director of Traditional Music

Date Posted: 4/18/2018

Lake Highlands UMC, Dallas, TX

Job Description

General Staff Responsibilities

  • Attend, participate in, and positively contribute to Staff Meetings and Staff Retreats
  • Adhere to the Policies and Procedures of LHUMC
  • Consult and comply with appropriate church committees (Staff Parish Relations Committee, Trustees, Church Council, etc.) in relation to your program and the use and/or modification of any church facilities
  • Complete continuing education and other requirements to maintain any applicable certification as required by annual conference or SPRC

Reporting Relationships

  • Senior Pastor
  • Staff Parish Relations Committee of LHUMC

Minister of Music Responsibilities (Traditional Worship)

  • Assume responsibility with the pastoral staff for traditional worship (8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.) in the Sanctuary involving volunteers from all ministries of the church
  • Develop, lead, direct and coordinate all music, programs, activities and volunteers for groups including but not limited to the following (at this time approximately 150 participate in the Traditional Music Ministry):
  1. Chancel Choir
  2. Sanctuary Ringers (supervisory)
  3. Children’s Choirs: Cherubs, Carolers, Choristers
  4. Men’s Gospel Chorus
  5. New Song (other small ensembles as directed by pastoral staff)
  • Plan music for weekly worship, including High Holy worship services for Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, and Kingdomtide.
  • Regular musical support for Off Campus Ministries (New Room, Audelia Manor) and special programs at off-campus retirement communities and other venues through all current choral groups (children, youth, adults).
  • Provide pastoral care through in-home and hospital visits where needed for volunteers participating in traditional music ministry.
  • Traditional Music Special Events:
  • Plan and execute in cooperation with pastoral staff special events including but not limited to the following:
  1. Christmas Choral Concert (all singing and ringing choirs plus orchestral ensembles or full orchestra) as community outreach
  2. Special Christmas Eve worship (3pm and 7pm)
  3. Cooperate with Education for 5:00 pm Christmas Eve
  4. Special Advent worship for the four weeks of Advent: Men’s Gospel Chorus (week 1), Children’s choirs (week 2), Handbells (week 3), Special Chancel Choir masterwork (week 4)
  5. Special worship for Holy Week (Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter morning (8am and 11am)
  6. Fundraiser concerts as approved by Finance Committee
  7. Special liturgical worship services (All Saints, World Communion)
  8. Special Concerts (Patriotic Concert/Lent)
  9. Musical(s) for Children’s Choirs
  10. Summer camps (VBS, Theater camp)
  • Recruit, train, support and supervise the following:
  1. Supervise/coordinate with pianist/accompanist Hannah Payne in her various roles as soloist, accompanist, music ministry supporter
  2. Recruit, train and supervise section leaders for Chancel Choir – integrating solo and choral experiences for their professional growth
  3. Recruit, train and supervise children’s choir directors as needed – coordinating with music director on musicals and singing in worship regularly
  4. Locate and rehearse instrumentalists for concerts/events listed in sections B and H.
  5. Rehearsing orchestral ensembles as needed (seasonal)
  • Serve as music staff representative to worship planning.
  • Coordinate with the Director of Contemporary Music and Liaison to the Trustees the care, upkeep and management for all A/V equipment used in the Sanctuary.
  • Prepare components of annual worship budget related to traditional music worship and programs listed in this Job Description with pastoral staff and finance chair and operate within budget each year.

Optional Organist Responsibilities

Organist for traditional worship. Prepare preludes, postludes, hymns, accompaniments as needed for worship. Serve as organist for weddings and funerals as needed.

How to Apply

Send your resume to Rev. Jill Jackson-Sears at
Contact Email:
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