Hamilton Park: Director/Minister of Music

Date Posted: 4/13/2018

Hamilton Park, Dallas, TX

Job Description

Hamilton Park UMC is seeking a Director/Minister of Music to oversee the entire music, worship and arts ministry at the church.

Job Requirements

College degree and/or work experience in a relevant field and active member of a Christian congregation (United Methodist preferred) or the North Texas Annual Conference.

Job Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of the Director / Minister of Music include administrative oversight of the entire Music, Worship and Arts Ministry at Hamilton Park United Methodist Church; the planning, oversight, and implementation of worship including all the choirs (choral and handbell) and musicians relating to the Hamilton Park United Methodist Church in keeping with our understanding of Christian discipleship and nurture, and in accordance with the principles and guidelines of The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church. The Director / Minister of Music will exhibit the highest standards of moral character and personal piety in accordance with the Christian faith and provide a supreme example of a disciple of Jesus Christ to people of all ages.

Accountability: This ministry position is directly supervised by the Senior Pastor and is accountable to the Senior Pastor and Staff Pastor/Parish Relations Committee.

Primary Job Functions include:

  • Oversee the entire vision and budget of the Music, Worship and Arts Ministry.
  • Provide job descriptions for any staff, interns, and volunteers and supervise them accordingly.
  • Work with the pastors to plan weekly worship services, funeral services, and holy days that fall during liturgical seasons of the Christian year.
  • Maintain the pianos and organ in the church as needed.
  • Minister, Teach and Direct the choirs of the church to include:
    • FAVOR – Youth Choir
    • IMANI – Mass Choir
    • I.B. FOOTE Crusaders – Men’s Choir
    • SISTERS IN CHRIST – Women’s Choir
    • JOYFUL VOICES – Children Choir
    • INSCRIBED SERVANTS – Praise Team
    • GOLDEN BELLS OF JOY – Hand Bell Choir
    • ONE VOICE – Young Adult Choir
  • Choose the anthem/music appropriate for each Sunday’s worship service.
  • Rehearse the choir weekly in preparation for worship.
  • Share faith through, and discuss spiritual impact of, the musical text.
  • Provide pastoral care for our choir members and their families.
  • Keep the music and the library organized and up to date.
  • Recruiting new choir members and instrumental musicians.
  • Encourage the choir to reach out to the broader community in mission.
  • Communicate with the choir regularly on behalf of the pastors & congregation.

Handbell Choir Duties:

  • Oversee the directing, training and recruitment of both experienced and beginning ringers.
  • Choose the appropriate music for the season and or service of worship.
  • Rehearse the choir weekly in preparation for worship.
  • Choose the appropriate days and services for the choir to ring for worship in consultation with the pastors and worship planning team.
  • Provide pastoral care for our choir members and their families.
  • Keep the music and the library organized and up to date.
  • Encourage the choir to reach out to the broader community in mission.
  • Communicate with the choir regularly on behalf of the pastors & congregation.
  • Continue to investigate & develop other choirs and musical opportunities for all ages.

Arts Ministry Duties:

  • Work with the coordinators of the various Art ministry to ensure opportunity is given to participate during worship to enhance the worship experience.
  • The Arts Ministry include the following:
    • MIME Ministry
    • LITURGICAL Dance Ministry
    • DRAMA Ministry

Leadership Duties:

  • Work with all involved in the music ministry to live out through music the mission statement of Hamilton Park United Methodist Church.
  • Work with the Senior Pastor to provide a comprehensive vision and implementation plan for the music and worship ministry area.
  • Oversee the administration of the Hamilton Park UMC worship program encompassing the two primary Sunday morning worship services and all special services (weddings, funerals, seasonal services) that take place in the sanctuary and chapel.
  • Manage the full time and part time worship and music staff.
  • Manage the annual worship and music budget, including primary responsibility for decisions over all significant expenditures for music and worship arts.
  • Provide opportunities for leadership development and faith formation for volunteers involved in every area of music and worship ministry.

Discipleship Duties:

  • Offer a variety of opportunities for spiritual growth for each person through all of our music rehearsals and activities.
  • Study and learn the scriptures through the texts of the songs utilized in worship.
  • Cultivate meaningful relationships with all persons and their families participating in the worship and music ministry area.

Required Job Relationships

The United Methodist Church:

  • Encourage and provide opportunities for participation in Metro District, North Texas Conference, and connectional events.

HPUMC Dallas:

  • Direct the ministry to all those participating in Music/Worship within the life of the church and community.
  • Integrate Music/Worship Ministry into the whole life of Hamilton Park UMC congregation.


  • Engage in constructive collaborations with other Hamilton Park UMC staff.
  • Maintain the highest level of positivity and professionalism when speaking to and about all staff members, especially in public settings.
  • Ensure proper communication and coordination of all Music/Worship activities with all relevant staff.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings, ministry meetings, and staff development events under the direction of the Senior Pastor.


  • Create procedures for welcoming, retaining, and tracking visitors with a possible interest in music.
  • Ensure that the music rehearsal areas are prepped and ready for rehearsals.
  • Connect with community and civic organizations to reach out into the mission field.
  • Encourage mission activities among all groups in local, national and international settings.
  • Encourage all to participation in the mission efforts of Hamilton Park UMC Dallas.


  • Oversee the liturgical calendar, including all holy days and liturgical seasons.
  • Oversee liturgical arts for worship settings, including the liturgical drama program, including the selection of scripts, recruitment of volunteers, and implementation of dramatic elements in worship.
  • Attend all church-wide worship services and encourage others to do the same.

Other Ministry Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate the highest level of spiritual maturity, faith, and professionalism.
  • Attend and contribute fruitfully to discussions about the Music and Worship ministry at Hamilton Park UMC.
  • Attend evaluation meetings with the Senior Pastor concerning ministry performance once a year, or as deemed necessary by the Senior Pastor.
  • Recruit adult volunteers to help lead and teach children.
  • Abide by the Hamilton Park UMC Safe Sanctuary Policy.
  • Abide by the Hamilton Park UMC Personnel Policies Manual.
  • Attend at least one continuing education event each year.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume and three references to:
David E. Kemp
SPPRC Chairperson
11881 Scheorder Road.
Dallas, TX 75243

or email to
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:


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