Floral Heights UMC: Business Manager

Date Posted: 3/11/2021

Floral Heights UMC, Wichita Falls, TX

Job Description

Core Values: Floral Heights holds these core values as essential behaviors that all employees and/or staff members shall engage in at all times.

  • Reliable – Fulfills requirements of job description, “Key Deliverables,” and Floral Heights United Methodist Church Policy on Personnel Administration in an effective and timely manner.
  • Initiative – Takes initiative in addressing needs, making appropriate contacts, improving ministry and administrative processes.
  • Interpersonal Relationships – Relates well to all kinds of people, members, fellow staff, guests/visitors, etc. Must be a “team player.” Uses diplomacy and tact.
  • Flexibility – Open to change. Able to adjust to changing priorities. Willing to assist with needed tasks outside usual duties.
  • Teachable – Constantly learns and improves. Welcomes constructive feedback.
  • Engaged – Demonstrates commitment to fulfilling the mission of Floral Heights UMC. Communicates a positive message regarding the Church.
  • Quality – Devotes sufficient time and resources to ensure that work and programs reflect a passion for ministry and the Kingdom of God.
  • Administration – Oversees ministry area by effectively managing associated budget and volunteers.



General Ledger and Financial Management:

  • Maintain a chart of accounts and related codes within the church’s financial management software and effective procedures as needed to provide for the effective financial management of church operations, including receiving and disbursing of funds.
  • Account for all moneys received.
  • Make bank deposits on a timely basis, maintaining proper funds in chosen banks and accounts as directed by the Finance Committee and in accordance with the church’s “Financial Policy and Procedures” policy.
  • Establish and maintain bank accounts with approved financial institutions as needed, for purposes of checking, cash management, savings, investments, loans, etc.
  • Cash flow management and providing for optimal returns on church idle funds.
  • Maintain budgets for church operations as required.
  • Prepare and provide reports to the church membership on church financial activities as required, including Finance Committee, Board of Trustees, Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC), staff, etc.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings; attend meetings of the Finance Committee, Board of Trustees (and FHUMC Foundation), Administrative Board and Charge Conference as a resource person.
  • Prepare each year a proposed “Annual Budget” for consideration and assist in the process of finalization, implementation, and management of the approved “Annual Budget” throughout the course of each fiscal year.
  • Assist in administering and ensuring compliance with Floral Heights “Financial Policy and Procedures” policy by all church volunteers, leaders, and staff members.
  • Prepare and provide reports to Annual Conference and District Staff as required, including annual “check out” procedures and budget requirements for the Charge Conference.
  • Assist in the annual church audit and any stewardship/capital funds raising campaigns that are deemed necessary.

Accounts Payable:

  • Maintain Accounts Payable software system vendor accounts, related codes, and procedures as needed to provide for the effective disbursement of church funds to pay for approved goods and services in support of church operations.
  • Process vendor/supplier bills for payment in a timely fashion, including recording of expenses, obtaining/filing necessary documentation for same, and preparation of disbursement checks/payments for approval and distribution.
  • Maintain files and records as needed for each year’s activities.
  • Prepare and file any government and regulatory reports as required concerning vendor payments (including tax related matters).


  • Maintain payroll software system employee accounts, related codes, and procedures needed to provide for the effective disbursement of church funds to pay for approved staff salaries, wages, and benefits in support of church operations.
  • Process payroll runs in a timely manner, including recording of benefits/taxes, obtaining/filing necessary documentation for same and preparation of payroll checks, payments, or direct deposits for approval and distribution.
  • Maintain files and records as needed for each year’s activities.
  • Prepare and file all government and regulatory reports as required concerning payroll operations (including tax and insurance related matters).

Management of Church Employment Records:

  • Assist in preparation and maintenance of church employment records, including initial applications/resumes, required government documentation for employment, requests for payroll deductions or adjustments, employment status or compensation changes, evaluations, and other employment related information in support of employees/staff of the church and the SPRC in their work. Confidentiality in these matters shall be maintained at all times and the records should only be made available to authorized persons.

Other Duties:

  • Assist in the management of MinistrySafe or other current protection program that provides training, data, and/or screening of persons who work with or desire to work with youth, children, and vulnerable persons. This shall be done in accordance with and/or as directed by the local church and/or Annual Conference and will include necessary background checks related to carrying out this screening.
  • Assist Board of Trustees in church-business related matters as time allows. Examples include periodic review of insurance coverages or assisting with filing of claims with appropriate entities; serving as a liaison in matters related to property ownership; maintenance or repair of facility and/or church vehicle(s); or others.
  • Assist as a member of the staff team to accomplish the church’s mission, understanding that some duties may be assigned which fall outside the guidelines above.


Closing date for this opening is April 1, 2021 or until position is filled.

How to Apply

Applications are available online (http://www.fhumcwf.org/job-postings), in person or by email request.
Application and resume may be returned in person to the FHUMC Church Office, by mail or email.
FHUMC's address is 2214 Tenth St. Wichita Falls, TX 76309.
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 904-723-7151


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