First UMC Rowlett: Director of Youth Ministries

Date Posted: 9/8/2023

First UMC Rowlett, Rowlett, TX

Job Description

At First UMC Rowlett our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Young people become disciples of Jesus Christ through many avenues including participation in the life of the faith community, learning the foundational principles of the faith and serving others.

Our comprehensive youth ministry offers opportunities for children from 6th – 12th grade to grow in the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. The Director of Youth Ministries is expected to help lead all aspects of this comprehensive youth ministry, reach as many young people as possible for Jesus Christ, and move them further along in their faith journey through participation in worship, learning and service.

This position is 3/4 time or full-time position, to be determined at the time of hiring.


Program Development

  • Work with the Youth Advisory Council and the church leadership to design and implement the vision, ministry and goals of First Rowlett.
  • Continue in the established ministry program that engages youth weekly in the youth program of the church. Plan, promote, and implement all major events and weekly programming in such a way that encourages youth to participate.
  • Plan curriculum that supports United Methodist theology and doctrine for student events.
  • Recruit, coordinate and train volunteers for all youth programs.
  • Plan and implement additional youth events including but not limited to:
    • Youth mission trips
    • Summer programming, lock-ins, etc.
    • Faith formation events like Discipleship Now
    • Connectional events with the North Texas Conference such as Bridgeport Camp, the Bishop’s Rally, etc.
  • Develop student leaders by encouraging and empowering students to take on leadership roles.
  • Support youth choir through encouragement and communication with youth, attending events when possible.
  • Maintain and support a youth worship band for participation in appropriate youth and church wide activities.
  • Work with Youth Advisory Council to develop a process to follow up with guests/visitors.
  • Develop Youth Outreach that includes presence at schools and school activities, community events, and other opportunities to be in the community.

Support for Youth and Their Families

  • Be available for the youth and their families, as needs arise, for pastoral care and support.
  • Support youth by being visible at student events on school campuses and outside extracurricular events (sports, band, choir, drill team, drama etc.) as available.
  • Seek to be informed about any special victories, concerns, challenges, or illnesses/hospitalizations being faced by any youth and his/her family and as often as reasonable and appropriate, ensure personal follow up by Director or other youth leader.
  • Keep the pastoral staff informed of pastoral care needs for youth and their families and work with the pastoral staff to ensure these needs are addressed.
  • Reach out to students who have not been in attendance.

Financial / Administration

  • Be knowledgeable of the annual budget for the youth ministry and accountable for spending against that budget
  • Account for money collected for events and trips and ensure appropriate handling for deposit.
  • Coordinate and implement fund raising opportunities for students for major events.
  • Ensure compliance documents are up to date and distributed to appropriate parties (background checks, volunteer applications, etc.)
  • Maintain all programing is in compliance with the Ministry Safe policy, including the recruitment, training and supervision of volunteers.
  • Attend staff meetings to ensure collaboration and coordination with other departments.
  • Maintain attendance records for all events


  • Maintain open communication with students, parents and staff about upcoming youth events via email, texts, Facebook, website, calendar and announcements in compliance with the church’s established Ministry Safe policy.
  • Ensure website and announcements are updated with current information and work with the Director of Communications to carry this out.

Involvement in worship and church wide events

  • Encourage and coordinate youth participation in worship services.
  • Participate in worship as directed by the Senior Pastor.
  • Enthusiastically support and engage the youth in other church programs. (i.e., VBS, Youth Choir, Fall Festival, conference events and offices, etc.)

Personal Development

  • Uphold a standard of Christian living and to encourage the students to do the same.
  • Be supportive and enthusiastic about pursuing the mission and goals of the youth program and the church.

How to Apply

Email a resume and cover letter to Vicki Cox, Administrative Assistant, at
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 972-275-6609


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