First UMC Lewisville: Coordinator of Traditional Worship (Choir Director)

Date Posted: 7/19/2018

First UMC Lewisville, Lewisville, TX

Job Description

Coordinate all aspects of Traditional Worship and Traditional Music Ensembles at First United Methodist Church of Lewisville. All employees of FUMC Lewisville are expected to maintain the highest ethical and moral standards and exemplify Christian character in their personal and public lives. We are kind, friendly, and accessible to the congregation. We work in a team setting.

Flex Hours: emphasis is placed on meeting the responsibilities assigned to the position and sometimes more than the number of hours or calendar days are needed to achieve objectives.  Hours include regularly scheduled requirements for Sunday services and staff meetings as needed and available.

Reports to: Senior Pastor

Responsibilities: Organist and Coordinator of Bell Choirs, Director of God’s Project, Paid and Volunteer Members of Traditional Music Ensembles

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Music or Music Education or equivalent experience and training

Experience/Knowledge: Minimum of 3 years experience that includes an extensive background in traditional music in worship settings and additional background in diverse styles of music


  • Coordinate all aspects of traditional worship.
  • Coordinate a weekly worship plan in conjunction with the Senior Pastor for all traditional worship.
  • Lead weekly and other weekday forms of traditional worship.
  • Conduct weekly rehearsals, as well as special rehearsals and retreats, of all volunteer musicians, who participate in the Chancel Choir for traditional worship.
  • Develop and oversee the budget for worship ministries, so that financial needs are responsibly funded.
  • Develop and oversee the teams necessary for worship and ensembles.
  • Develop and execute a communication plan promoting music ministries to members, prospects and other interested parties in the community.
  • Oversee the recruitment and participation all musicians and instrumentalists that take part in traditional worship.
  • Monitor measurable growth in traditional music ensembles and report annual progress to the Senior Pastor.
  • Partner with other staff members to promote the general mission of the First United Methodist Church of Lewisville.
  • Pick and prepare a choir anthem every week.
  • Follow set protocol to ensure all contract musicians are paid in a timely manner.
  • Oversee the altar table décor committee – communicate upcoming series for altar needs.


Duties during traditional worship services

  • Make sure candles have liquid and candles are lit.
  • Small worship aspects like writing a prayer for illumination or opening prayer.
  • Direct congregation in hymns.
  • Sometimes lead a creed and/or invitation.
  • Coordinate special solos or piano solos
  • Music selection for instrumentalist when needed.
  • Ensure all supplies are purchased for special services.
  • Seasonal duties as needed – extra services to be at and plan for example: Christmas Vesper services, Christmas Eve services, Easter Vespers.


Duties to coordinate communion (first Sunday and special services and events)

  • Coordinate stewards.
  • Purchase bread and juice needed.
  • Ensure all supplies such as cups are in stock.
  • Wash linens.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

How to Apply

Send resume and cover letter to Senior Pastor Abril Goforth at
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (972) 436-2533


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