First UMC Jacksboro: Youth Director

Date Posted: 3/10/2023

First UMC Jacksboro, Jacksboro, TX

Job Description

Disciples making disciples and loving those disciple is the bread and butter of Christian life and ministry. It is therefore the foundation of a Methodist youth ministry. Discipleship doesn’t just include work with Christian young people, but it includes getting them (evangelism) and then growing them (a better understanding). As you think about your primary role as a youth leader, the expectation is that you will be part of that ongoing process of disciples making disciples and then loving them. It looks like this: Disciples (youth leader) making disciples (Christian youth) making disciples (not yet Christian youth). And so on.


  • Lead and develop CFUMCS Youth Ministry & its students
  • Leading students into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Further developing the faith of students through teaching the Fundamentals of Christianity
  • Creating opportunities for spiritual and social growth and connection for students
  • Assisting in the developing of leaders in the youth ministry, both adult and student.

Job Description

  • 8-12 hours a week (Growing Position as ministry grows)
  • Lead and build a Mid-Week Youth Gathering
  • Build relationship with schools, FCAs and its students
  • All Ministry events and teachings must align with vision of the church
  • Develop, recruit and lead volunteers (Youth and Adults)
  • Have regular office hours to prepare (At least once a week & monthly check-ins with Pastors)
  • Develop and or find curriculum & teaching
  • Be present in students lives (sporting events, plays, concerts, etc.)
  • Be present on Sundays
  • Planning events and camps, implementation, execution and follow-up
  • Assist in office work and church wide events as needed
  • Has a positive attitude about anything that is requested of them


  • A call to ministry
  • Prior work within youth ministry or schooling on youth ministry
  • Practice self-devotion and prayer
  • Be relational and have social skills
  • Necessary Skills & Attributes:
    • Computer skills (Presentation Software, Social Media, Etc.) are vital
    • Team player/communication with parents and leaders/volunteers
    • Good leadership skills
    • Strong work ethic with HIGH EXPECTATIONS
    • Long-term planning & execution along with rest of the ministry team
    • Social media presence

How to Apply

Please apply by contacting Rev. Dr. Chad Johnson at
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 940-567-6341


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