First UMC Jacksboro: UCYF Youth Director

Date Posted: 7/31/2019

First UMC Jacksboro, Jacksboro, TX

Job Description

This ministry is a student ministry of two Jacksboro congregations: First United Methodist Church and the Jacksboro Parish. The ministry is housed in the Youth Center of the Jacksboro Parish, and offices out of the Jacksboro Parish. The ministry focuses on the students in middle and high school, and offers spiritual development, leadership development and community service.


  • MINISTRY OF PRESENCE: Be available to youth through church, school and community-wide events.
    • Present at school lunches at both middle school and high school on a regular basis. This is critical to the success of this ministry.
    • Lead weekly UCYF meetings housed in a dedicated space outfitted with learning, cooking, playing and media areas.
    • Presence at extra-curricular activities of students providing support and encouragement.
    • Present at community events as available: Fall Fest, See You At the Pole, Bonfire, etc.
  • MINISTRY OF SPIRITUAL FORMATION: Plan and organize activities to promote leadership development and spiritual formation of youth. 
    • Provide quarterly programming plan for weekly primary youth meetings. Empower and recruit volunteers (sponsors and parents) and provide leadership.
    • Promote, plan and attend camps and retreats. These should be promoted at least 6 months out.
    • Plan, promote and lead local service and missional opportunities.
    • Provide Sunday School leadership teaching twice a month (one for MS and one for HS.) Establish relationships with adult Sunday School classes as well.
  • MINISTRY OF COMMUNICATION: Ensure that students, parents, volunteers and key stakeholders are informed on all ministry activities
    • Utilize best communication tools for each group (social media, texting, newsletter, email.)
    • Recruit and resource volunteers to ensure all gatherings are adequately staffed. 
    • Monthly reporting (provide attendance each month, a 2 month calendar of events, celebrations and challenges) These reports can be emailed to pastoral supervisors.
  • MINISTRY OF ADMINISTRATION: Relational ministry with organizational groups to ensure a healthy program
    • Lead Youth Council — train and empower student leadership to take ownership of UCYF. Ensure they set goals, plan activities and lead when appropriate.
    • Relate to the Parent Council — build relationship with parents and inform them of the ways they can support and resource the UCYF program.
    • Attend monthly planning meetings with Pastor from each church.
    • Hold office hours as needed.
    • Create and maintain a full youth calendar.


  • Must be over the age of 21
  • Desired college education
  • A strong, contagious personal Christian faith
  • Ability to delegate effectively to volunteers and councils will ensure other areas of communication and administration is handled.
  • Ability to manage social media outlets, websites and design communication materials
  • Confident, articulate, and empathetic communication skills
  • CDL license (or willing to get one)

REPORT: This job reports to the 2 pastors of the churches. They also work directly with Youth Council and relate to the Parent Council to ensure parents are engaged and can provide resources as necessary.

How to Apply

Submit your resume and three references to Rev. Samantha Parson at
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 940-567-6341


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