First UMC Jacksboro: Director of Youth Ministries

Date Posted: 1/12/2022

First UMC Jacksboro, Jacksboro, TX

Job Description

FUMC Jacksboro partners with local congregation, The Jacksboro Parish, in a joint youth program called United Christian Youth Fellowship (UCYF). The director of this ministry program would be responsible for the following areas:

  • Be available to youth through church, school and community-wide events.

    • ​Lead weekly UCYF meetings housed in a dedicated space outfitted with learning, cooking, playing and media areas.

    • Be present at school lunches at both Middle School and High School on a regular basis.

    • Be present at extra-curricular activities of students providing support and encouragement.

  • Plan and organize activities to promote leadership development and spiritual formation of youth.

    • ​Provide quarterly programming plan for weekly primary youth meetings. Empower and recruit volunteers(sponsors and parents) and provide leadership.

    • Promote, plan and attend camps and retreats. These should be promoted at least 6 months out.

    • Provide Sunday School leadership teaching twice a month (one for MS and one for HS.) Establish relationships with adult Sunday School classes as well.
  • Ensure that students, parents, volunteers and key stakeholders are informed on all ministry activities.

    • ​Utilize best communication tools for each group (social media, texting, newsletter, email.)

    • Recruit and resource volunteers to ensure all gatherings are adequately staffed.

    • Monthly reporting (provide attendance each month, a 2-month calendar of events, celebrations and challenges) These reports can be emailed to pastoral supervisors.

  • Relational ministry with organizational groups to ensure a healthy program.

    • ​Lead Youth Council—train and empower student leadership to take ownership of UCYF. Ensure they set goals, plan activities and lead when appropriate.

    • Relate to the Parent Council— build relationship with parents and inform them of the ways they can support and resource the UCYF program.

    • Attend monthly planning meetings with Pastor from each church.

    • Hold office hours as needed.

How to Apply

Email a resume and cover letter to Rev. Chad Johnson at
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 940-389-9017


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