First UMC Fort Worth: Director of Music and Worship Arts

Date Posted: 2/3/2021

First UMC Fort Worth, Fort Worth, TX

Job Description

The Director of Music and Worship Arts is responsible for all aspects of the music ministry at FUMC and for the use of the arts in worship.

Supervisor: Co-Senior Pastor

Education: Undergraduate degree

Supervisory Responsibilities: Directly, or indirectly, supervises all personnel and programming involved in all music ministries, including paid contractors and volunteers but excluding children’s music.

Working Conditions: Choral music directing incorporates a good balance of physical and mental effort.  There are times of intense score study and times requiring a great deal of physical energy, such as three-hour rehearsals. Due to seasonal fluctuations and special programs, office hours need to remain flexible. Generally, the incumbent is expected to work at least 40 hours a week.

Confidential Information: Due to the nature of the job, most work is done in plain sight of many people, and confidentiality is not often an issue. All personal identification must be kept confidential. In addition, people involved in the music program may share personal information of a pastoral nature which must be handled according to the accepted standards of confidentiality.


  • Staff and program supervision as outlined above.
  • Collaborate with the pastors and worship team on design and implementation of all worship services.
  • Provide leadership and oversight for performances of all choral and instrumental groups except children’s — whether in worship or concert.
  • Provide/coordinate caring ministries as needed for choir members.
  • Provide oversight for the quality and theology of music in all worship services and with all age groups except children.
  • Collaborate with the organist and other accompanists, with oversight for the quality of all performances.
  • Develop instrumental venues (such as bell choirs, ensembles, orchestra, etc.) that will provide opportunities for church members to use their talents.
  • Submit budget proposals and monitor compliance with approved budgets.
  • Prepare music for special services, concerts, and meetings.
  • Maintain a comprehensive list of inventory of musical instruments, music library, and music supplies and insure that such items are sufficient and in good working order.
  • Oversee the use of visual arts in worship, including altar and sanctuary decorations and management of the physical process of the worship, including but not limited to “choreographing” communion service, entrance and departure of ministers and speakers, and order of worship.
  • Coordinate all  ministry activities in compliance with Ministry Safe guidelines.

How to Apply

Submit resumes and any questions to
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 817-339-5078


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