First UMC Corpus Christi: Business Administrator

Date Posted: 4/20/2023

First UMC Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi, TX

Job Description

The Business Administrator is directly responsible to the Senior Pastor for the efficient administration of the finances and facilities of First United Methodist Church in accordance with the mission and vision of the church.

Status: Full time, Exempt


  1. General Duties & Requirements:

Manages all business affairs of the church in direct liaison with the pastors, professional staff, support staff, ministries, boards and committees.

  1. Finance/Accounting
    1. Works directly with the Finance Committee in establishing annual budgets and in raising necessary funds for church expenses and programs. Prepares monthly financial reports to the Finance Committee.
    2. Oversees the collection, processing, depositing, recording and disbursement of all church monies in accordance with established accounting principles and policies of the church. Oversees all payroll requirements for salaried and hourly employees. Oversees the maintenance of all church staff personnel files.
    3. Manages all banking transactions and maintains accurate and up-to-date computer records of all financial transactions.  Performs monthly reconciliation of all Church bank accounts.
    4. Prepares all adjusting entries necessary to maintain the financial records on the GAAP accrual basis of accounting.
    5. Oversees the recording and maintenance of accurate contribution records, including the preparation and distribution of monthly and year-end giving statements.
    6. Prepares invoices and reimbursements for payment.
    7. Oversees the timely payment of vendors invoices and staff reimbursements in accordance with established accounting principles and policies.
    8. Develops and coordinates annual campaign plans and materials, in cooperation with the Senior Pastor and Annual Campaign Chair.
    9. Prepares or supervises all tax filings for the church and makes sure all IRS and governmental obligations are met according to IRS defined deadlines.
    10. Works directly with the Outside Auditor by providing information requested to prepare the annual audit
  1. Administrative Committees
    1. Assists the Chairs of all Administrative Committees (Church Council, SPRC, Finance, Trustees, Vinson Morris Children’s Center, and FUMC Foundation Board) by serving as an advisor and representing the Senior Pastor as necessary.
    2. Assists the Officers of the Corporation in maintaining all official records (Membership lists, deeds, property and tax information, etc.), in an orderly and accessible manner.
    3. Staff liaison for all aspects of stewardship through Finance Committee work: education, annual and capital campaigns, assisting, teaching, leading as needed or required. Represents the Senior Pastor as necessary. 
  1. Property and Equipment
    1. Coordinates with the Board of Trustees and the Facilities Director to maintain all church property in good condition. Authorizes necessary repairs to be done in the most economical manner and within the limitations of the church budget, subject to Trustees Chair authorization. Establishes and maintains an accurate inventory of all equipment (furniture, fixtures, office equipment, etc.). Manages and maintains all insurance coverage. Maintains procedures and rules for the use of church property and sees that all groups conform to the rules.
    2. Oversees or serves as the purchasing agent for the church for all supplies and equipment. Negotiates the best deals with vendors and contractors for large purchases. Reviews contracts and performance of contractors and vendors, reporting to the Board of Trustees.
    3. Responsible for proper maintenance of all office equipment. Maintains instructions, maintenance contracts, warranties and servicing information for all church owned equipment.
    4. Responsible for all church computers, software, servers, updates, and Internet technology. Also responsible for Shelby Database Management, including training, maintenance, support, and updates.
    5. Keeps abreast of all laws and regulations affecting church property.

5.      Personnel Supervision

  1. Supervises Finance Assistant and Facilities Director.
  2. Oversees the maintenance of personnel records and current job descriptions on all paid church staff.
  3. Works with SPRC to maintain a current Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual. Stays current with all laws and regulations affecting personnel management.

6.      Other Responsibilities

  1. Prepares articles for publication in brochures, newsletters, promotional materials, as well as procedure manuals.
  2. Notifies the Senior Pastor when a congregational member needs special attention.
  3. Any other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor. 


  • Bachelor’s Degree (preferably in Business Administration or Accounting). A minimum of five years successful experience in Non-profit or Church Administration may be substituted for formal education.
  • Demonstrated proficiency (minimum three years) in computer operating systems, network/server operations, Microsoft Office and church database software, particularly Shelby Systems.
  • Leadership, management and supervisory experience for a minimum of three years.
  • Demonstrated proficiency (minimum three years) in standard accounting and bookkeeping practices. 
  • Demonstrated proficiency in interpersonal and group presentation verbal and written communication skills.

How to Apply

Email resume and cover letter to Ed Simmons, Minister Administration, at
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 361-884-0391


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