First UMC Cleburne: Director of Family Ministries

Date Posted: 11/22/2021

First UMC Cleburne, Cleburne, TX

Job Description

The Director of Family Ministries for First UMC Cleburne will help the church fulfill its mission to make deeply committed disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, one life at a time. More specifically, the Director of Family ministries will:

  • Foster a culture of love, respect, safety and spiritual connectedness
  • Invest relationally in children, students, their families support staff and volunteers
  • Work with the Lead Pastor to provide leadership, vision and direction to a ministry that connects to ministry for young people birth-12th grade and their families.
  • Work with support staff, invested volunteers and families to develop and implement a ministry that connects to junior high and high school students and their families with an emphasis on building and equipping highly effective teams.

This ministry will create spaces for the children and students of FUMC and broader Cleburne to learn the story of God and God’s people, discover their place within it and experience the love of Jesus Christ. In doing so, they will help our young people begin, and then, continue in a lifelong journey with Jesus and take the beginning steps of becoming deeply committed disciples of Jesus Christ who transform the world, one life at a time.

Reporting Relationship:  Lead Pastor, SPRC.

Supervisory Responsibility: two part-time support staff (1 Students, 1 Kids)

Time Commitment: Full Time.  ~40hrs/week. 


Ministry Leadership and Vision

(in conjunction with the Lead Pastor)

  • Aligning the ministry with students with the church-wide mission to make deeply committed disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, one life at a time.
    • Includes but is not limited to consultation on the spiritual and theological direction of the ministry and teaching done within.
  • Ongoing assessment of Student ministry activities
    • Annual evaluation of the ministry and individual events/activities that looks for:
      • Available opportunities to make disciples and change the world
      • Strengths of existing ministries
      • Weaknesses of existing ministries
    • Ongoing ministry/event/activity assessment aimed at increasing fruitfulness.

Ministry Development and Implementation On Campus Family Ministry

Oversight, coordination and implementation of — with the support and engagement of equipped and empowered volunteers/support staff — age-level appropriate opportunities for kids and Students to learn the story of God and God’s people, discover their place within it, and experience the love of Jesus Christ in the following contexts:

  • Sunday Morning
    • Primary - Providing discipleship/Sunday School opportunities for Kids and Students
    • Secondary - Providing assistance in worship as needed and requested.
  • Midweek
    • Primary - Providing discipleship/growth opportunities for kids/students on Wednesday.
      • Youth Worship Musical Leadership provided by Director of Contemporary Worship and Band.
  • Seasonal activities with direct supervision
    • Students
      • Confirmation - With Pastoral Visits, as needed.
      • Created By God or other sex education, as needed
      • Mission Opportunities:
        • Student Mission Trips
      • Youth Sunday
      • Youth Fundraisers, as needed
    • Children’s
      • Christmas Pageant
      • Vacation Bible School
      • Summer Activities
      • Trunk or Treat
  • Seasonal activities with participation, as needed.
      • Advent and Lent Special Services

Off Campus Family Ministry

  • Cross Ties Ministries
    • Recruiting and equipping leadership of age-level appropriate opportunities for kids to learn the story of God and God’s people, discover their place within it, and experience the love of Jesus Christ during our afterschool program at Santa Fe Elementary School
  • Community Building Trips/Activities
    • Big or small – i.e. ski trips or trips to top golf
    • Team Building
    • Fun/Fellowship
    • Christian Events
    • Community connections 
  • Participate in off-campus community outreach events
    • Coordinate with the Pastor of Community and Engagement Cleburne High Football tailgates
  • Glen Lake Camp
    • If students are participating, volunteer or visit

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Ensure Compliance with Ministry Safe at all Family ministry events/functions
  • Communicate consistently with students, volunteers and families in order to increase engagement and awareness
    • Communicate weekly with volunteers
    • Communicate weekly with parents re: what the students are learning, and offering ways to engage the topic further
  • Coordinate Supplies for Family ministry activities as needed
  • Recruiting, Equipping, Supporting volunteers/teachers necessary to support the ministry
  • Provide proper notice in advance of a planned absence or illness.
  • Attend staff meetings as needed/requested.
  • Provide verbal or written reports to the Church Council as requested by the Lead Pastor

Spiritual Leadership/Development

  • Mentor and Develop members/guests for spiritual growth and service
  • Pursue ongoing opportunities for spiritual/professional growth and development in conversation with your supervisor.

Personal/Spiritual Expectations

    • As a representative of Jesus, the Church and it’s leadership, the Director of Spiritual Formation for youth and their families will maintain a presence in the community (in person and online) that consistently demonstrates and points to the love of Christ.
    • The Director of Family Ministries will engage in ongoing practices of spiritual growth and formation that cultivate their own faith and understanding.

Other duties as assigned and necessary to Make Deeply Committed Disciples of Jesus Christ

How to Apply

Email your resume and letter of introduction to Pastor Daniel Hawkins at
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 817-645-6392


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