First UMC Burkburnett: Youth Director

Date Posted: 8/3/2022

First UMC Burkburnett, Burkburnett, TX

Job Description

The purpose of the Youth Director is to minister to the people of First UMC Burkburnett focusing on the youth (grades 6th through 12th) and their families with a balanced program of Christian Education, fellowship, mission, and recreation in an open, inclusive, welcoming, accepting, and loving environment while fostering relationships with the youth with awareness of their struggles, passions, interests, and talents to help them grow spiritually into what God has called them to be.

QUALIFICATIONS:  This position is ideal for an individual with a deep commitment to Jesus Christ and a passion to share it with our youth. He/She must be able to work with adults and youth, professional staff, and lay volunteers. He/She will lead by example by living a life of faith and integrity as he/she continues to grow in his/her faith while always looking for new ways to serve Jesus Christ and encourage our youth to do the same.  Most of all, he/she must love teenagers and be willing to accept them, guide them, and love them just as they are for they are all children of God.

A background check will be required and a certificate from our United Methodist “Ministry Safe” course.

ACCOUNTABILITY:   The Youth Director is accountable to the Pastor, as head of staff; and to the Staff/Parish Relations Committee.


  • Age appropriate, Bible-based, Christ-centered curriculum and spiritual growth activities for weekly group meetings. (not Sunday School)
  • Opportunities for youth to participate in service, mission, and outreach projects in the community and beyond.
  • Recreational opportunities including retreats and activities at the District and Conference levels.
  • Coordinate youth scholarships and fundraisers.
  • Leadership opportunities for youth to serve as counselors and mentors to younger youth with adult supervision.
  • Leadership opportunities for youth who wish to assist in the planning and implementation of the program and/or worship experiences with the congregation.
  • A link between the youth and the congregation to ensure that youth are an integral part of the church community.
  • Opportunities for growth of membership by reaching out to the community to build a program that practices and grows in hospitality, worship, prayer, and faith.
  • Opportunities for youth to seek counsel with the director, other youth counselors, the pastor, or outside sources when deemed necessary.
  • Avenues for systematic and regular communication through mail-outs and electronic sources to both youth and congregation as needed.
  • Recruitment, screening, and training of volunteers consistent with the Ministry Safe policy of the First United Methodist Church regarding the youth ministry.
  • Communication with the pastor and relevant committees regarding the youth ministry program. 
  • Managing the youth budget and maintaining records to allow timely bookkeeping for the financial secretary regarding all expenses.
  • Representation of the youth ministry program by attending appropriate meetings. This includes, but is not limited to, staff meetings, Worship Committee meetings, Leadership Committee meetings, and other meetings pertaining to the youth in our church.

EXPECTATIONS:  In summary, the expectations of the Youth Director are to provide a loving, nurturing environment to make all youth feel welcome and included; to separate into Middle School (grades 6th-8th) and Senior High  (9th-12th) when the staffing and numbers are available to teach age appropriate curriculum; and to adhere to the Ministry Safe policy.  The Youth Director is expected to attend Sunday morning worship.

Every staff member shall function in harmony and in a cooperative manner with the Pastor and the church staff by participating as a vital member of the leadership team for the First United Methodist Church of Burkburnett.

Each year or as deemed appropriate, the Staff/Parish Relations Committee will conduct a job performance and job description review and ask for the following to be signed.

Deadline to apply: Sept. 5

How to Apply

Email a resume and references to Rev. Liz Talbert at
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 940-781-6873


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