First Korean UMC: Sunday School Director

Date Posted: 8/5/2022

First Korean UMC, Fairview, TX

Job Description

Looking for a Sunday School Director to serve as the general administrative leader of our Sunday School’s ministry. 

Personal Responsibilities

  • Coordinating the work of all Sunday school classes and other Bible study groups towards the overarching objective of Sunday school.
  • Leading the Sunday school Planning Team in planning, organizing, enlisting and equipping leaders and in mobilizing members to achieve goals towards the stated objectives. 

Major Responsibilities

  • Meeting regularly with the Pastor and staff to evaluate the work of the Sunday school and set agenda for Sunday school Planning Team Meetings
  • Communicate goals and actions to leaders and participants and evaluate progress
  • Lead in developing an effective organization that facilitates spiritual transformation
  • Lead in efforts to call participants into service and in enlisting and developing new leaders
  • Lead in evaluating needs related to space, budget, Bible study curriculum, supplies and other resources; recommend needed actions
  • Set a positive example for others by living as an authentic witness of Christ and through full involvement in the life and ministry of the church

How to Apply

Submit an email to Rev. Park at
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 469-835-7249


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