Faith UMC Corinth: Director of Communications

Date Posted: 5/11/2021

Faith UMC Corinth, Denton, TX

Job Description

Communications is a vital element in supporting the growth of a healthy Church community.  The Director of Communications will establish, guide and nurture a team of congregational ministry partners that will jointly own and facilitate all types of communications under the guidance of the senior pastor and within the guidance of the One Board leadership team.


  • The Communications Director will oversee and execute a wide variety of communications techniques, will put in place mechanisms to assure effective outreach to the Church members and the community at large and will be the consistent linkage that assures the Voice and Face of Faith UMC are consistent, and in alignment with our values as Christians and as Faith UMC.
  • Meets weekly with the church staff at staff meetings to produce communications within the church community.
  • Leads and meets weekly with the Communications team to produce a cohesive approach to coordinated communications within the church community, including the Media and worship teams, as needed.
  • Develops a strategy for communications that includes all aspects of communications including but not limited to the web site, social media, content in the welcome center and communications kiosk, announcement slides prior to and after Sunday service, the bulletin and bulletin inserts, news, flyers, banners and other communications tools.
  • Work with the staff to develop, maintain and publish a consolidated Church wide database and calendar to provide ongoing visibility into the activities and opportunities at the Church.
  • On a regular cadence, work with the senior pastor and finance team to publish ongoing stewardship, financial and other reports that will provide the members information about the good work of the Church.
  • Develop and execute a communications strategy that goes beyond the Church community and into the broader mission field, including but not limited to, flyers, announcements, news releases, advertisements and other communications techniques.
  • Identify ministry partners that will provide content creation support, including but not limited to copy writing, illustrations, publications, photography, and video. 
  • Coordinate and manage all third-party providers of communications services to the Church including the web, photography, video services, publications services, etc.
  • Develop measurements and feedback processes to assure the communications process are working properly, take actions as needed to improve the processes.
  • Develop and recommend a technology platform strategy to the staff and the One Board to modernize the communications processes, making them more cost effective and maximizing the results gained.
  • Create and maintain a communications playbook that documents the governance of communications required and agreed to by the members of the team, the staff and the One Board leadership team.  The playbook will at a minimum describe the various types of communications to be published, the cadence that each will be executed and where appropriate the required approvals will be obtained.
  • Coordinates all communications files, both current and archived.
  • Ensures all products represent a high standard of excellence in presentation and content.
  •  Develops goodwill within the community by remaining actively involved, ensuring that involvement is perceived as a representation of Faith, developing professional relationships with media outlets, and involving the church in appropriate civic events.
  • Maintains relationships with NTUMC and other organizations and churches.
  • Serves as spokesperson for Faith United Methodist Church.

How to Apply

Email a resume and cover letter to Pastor Jenna Johnson at
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 940-535-2267


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