Faith UMC: Assistant in Ministry

Date Posted: 2/5/2019

Faith UMC, Denton, TX

Job Description

The purpose of this role is to provide as single point of contact (SPoC) for non-pastoral membership and congregational needs, support for pastors, ministries, committees and leadership groups at Faith United Methodist Church.

The Church Administrator must:

  • Have a caring attitude, excellent people skills and integrity
  • Be accessible, responsive and flexible to handle the changing needs of the church
  • Have clerical, communications, computer (Microsoft Office) and administrative skills
  • Have knowledge of Faith United Methodist Church and be able to coordinate people and events related to the church

Because of the nature of the roles, this person must have experience in administration and in service, and must be able to properly handle confidential information in a careful and secure manner.  Additionally, the willingness to learn new skills, work as a team player, and overall dependability/accessibility are very important.


1) SPoC for non-pastoral membership/congregational needs.

The Person in this job must be able to truly understand what a member, guest or visitor is feeling, while at the same time remaining separate from the problem. A genuine servant attitude is most important.  This includes the ability to graciously handle unexpected or difficult situations, conflict resolutions and interacting with all manner of  people with a positive attitude.

  • Communications, follow-up, and responses for church mail, e-mail, voicemail, etc
  • Scheduling, communicating and coordinating logistics for church events and activities w/ church staff and ministry leaders.
  • Coordination of use of property and scheduling of special events. SPoC for all outside enquiries and facility use.
  • Close liaison with, and administrative support for, the pastors and trustees (advising of  maintenance issues and emergency procedures)
  • Administrative support to the hospitality teams: follow up, tracking & filing of visitors & prayer requests & attendance
  • Efficient administration of church essentials as the SPoC, oversee welcome center and weekday volunteers (who are responsible for day-to day visitors, mail outs, phone answering)

2)  Support for church pastors, ministries, and leadership groups.

For the church to do real ministry, adequate support and administration for all ministries is essential. For example, maintaining the church calendar by keeping in touch with all groups, compiling reports, helping with budgets, etc.

  • Clerical, administrative and logistics support for the pastors
  • Calendar and communications support via special mailing, e-mail, phone contact.
  • Coordination and tracking of building keys and security procedures
  • Coordination of activities operating within the church.
  • Work in coordination with the senior pastor and volunteers including but not limited to congregational care, prayer team oversight, meals ministry, etc.

The Church administrator shall work 20 hours Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. work at the church. The administrator shall report to the senior pastor and work closely with other staff members and volunteers. The position shall be compensated based on agreement with the pastor and chair of the finance committee. The position is to be reviewed on an annual basis, with an opportunity for regular and timely feedback regarding roles and responsibilities.  

How to Apply

Please send a resume to Pastor Jenna Morrison at
Contact Email:
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