Creekwood UMC: Social Media Coordinator

Date Posted: 5/26/2021

Creekwood UMC, Allen, TX

Job Description

Creekwood United Methodist Church seeks a social media coordinator gifted in creation of and strategic dissemination of inspiring content to further the mission of Christ and drive engagement with Creekwood UMC. The position is 20 hours and salary is commiserate with experience.

The Social Media Coordinator must have a passion for Christ and sharing the love of God, be self-motivated and works well on a team.


  • Maintain an attractive and helpfully informative social media presence across all applicable platforms. Ensure potential guests and members can access needed information and are encouraged to join us or find out more information.
  • Create and curate inspiring content that tells the stories of how Christ is alive and at work through Creekwood United Methodist Church.
  • Effectively reach as wide of an audience with timely invitations, event information, celebrations of ministry success and inspiring content.
  • Create methods of engagement with the online community.
  • Design needed graphics or media content that best meets the goal of each post.
  • Develop a social media strategy alongside communications director.
  • Procure information and media from staff members and lay teams to fit within strategy.
  • Use Microsoft Teams for internal staff communication and planning.
  • Be familiar with current platforms of Instagram and Facebook, and lead church to other platforms that will provide success.

Applicants must submit evidence of social media knowledge and work, as well as evidence of proficiency in graphic design. Experience in video design and editing is also preferable.

How to Apply

Email a resume and requested examples of work to Director of Communications Patrick O'Connor at
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 972-839-0541


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