Christ UMC Plano: Facilities Director

Date Posted: 7/20/2022

Christ UMC Plano, Plano, TX

Job Description

This is a full-time supervisory position. The Director of Facilities will supervise all non-financial administrative activities of the church, including overseeing the building and grounds, purchasing, and maintenance of all infrastructure components.

Reporting Relationships: The Director of Facilities will report to the Executive Director and will confer with the Senior Pastor and the Board of Trustees and its sub-committees.


Inclusive of, but not limited to:

  • Operation and maintenance of the Energy Management System (EMS) to ensure optimal heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) performance and scheduling EMS functions and access control systems to coincide with church programming and special events
  • Support and maintain computer systems, desktops, and peripherals including installing, diagnosing, repairing, maintaining, and upgrading all desktop-level hardware and equipment while ensuring optimal workstation performance.
  • Coordinate and work in conjunction with off-site support teams all required server-level computers, wi-fi, telephony, and internet testing and repairs
  • Purchase, track, and allocate all infrastructure systems, machines, and capital equipment, such as telephones, computers, and office machines, and office furnishings
  • Oversee all facility related repairs including, electrical repairs and modifications, roofing, and guttering systems, EIFS and windows, and plumbing related systems
  • Facilitate all required city, state, and local building inspections to comply with current building codes and standards including fire-notification systems, portable extinguishing systems, fire-sprinkler systems, plumbing back-flow and grease trap devices, emergency lighting, vehicle and trailer inspections, elevator and chair-lift systems then remedy any resulting infractions or violations.
  • Evaluate all existing building related service contracts and when necessary, obtain new bids or requests for proposals for HVAC systems, elevators, fire and security systems monitoring along with pest control and custodial services and other infrastructure related systems.
  • Track, and forecast utility expenses including electric, gas, and water and investigate any abnormal billing deviations
  • Purchase all non-program related consumable supplies including custodial cleaning supplies, desk-top printer supplies and other facility repair-replacement items
  • Hire and supervise, when necessary, building maintenance staff in addition to recruiting and training volunteers to assist with facility related repairs or maintenance requirements
  • Oversee landscape upkeep, irrigation system repairs, concrete repairs to parking and sidewalk areas, including supervision of all related sub-contractors, consultants, and repairmen
  • Ensure regular scheduled maintenance of church-owned vehicles, trailers, and golf-carts
  • Develop and manage annual budgets and track all building related expenses to ensure conformity and clarify variances to the finance committee.
  • Be available to respond to facility related emergencies and employ reasonable means to rectify conditions as they occur
  • Be able to differentiate between HVAC & EMS fault conditions then direct problems to the appropriate service company.
  • Report to the Board of Trustees on a regular basis the status of any completed, current, or required facility maintenance requirements
  • Participate in ad-hoc facility related committees and take on the duty of chief liaison between committees, contractors, architects, staff members and other consultants
  • Support staff in any facility related area that promotes a healthy and satisfying work environment
  • Manage and review all custodial related services including special event scheduling, junk removal, kitchen exhaust-hood cleaning, trash collection, and window cleaning
  • Provide insurance adjusters and claims representatives any support required to facilitate remediation efforts resulting from natural disasters, trips & falls, and vehicle accidents
  • Conduct regular building inspections to identify and rectify problems related to lighting outages, plumbing leaks and fixture malfunctions, roof leaks, custodial oversights, tripping hazards, rodent and pest infestations, improper storage methods, storage and fencing deterioration, dryer exhaust blockages, noisy equipment, and malodorous conditions
  • Setup and configure computers, telephones, email, access control accounts for new employees
  • Replace air filters in all air-handler, fan-coil, and VAV boxes according to EMS notifications

Preferred Qualifications and Skills

  • Effectively communicate with staff, committee’s, vendors, volunteers, visitors, and church members regarding all facility related matters
  • Review service contracts and evaluate contents, conditions, and limitations that support mutual project scope and completion targets
  • Produce support documents to provide financial or troubleshooting information to vendors and committee’s
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications
  • Able to create, modify, and delete user’s Microsoft Outlook accounts in an Office365 environment
  • Able to create, modify and delete users in a Microsoft Active Directory environment
  • Able to setup shared folders in a Windows Server environment
  • Able to export and modify computer file formats
  • Basic understanding and use of church financial accounting systems
  • Able to prioritize staff requests and pending equipment repairs
  • Advanced mechanical skills and knowledge of plumbing, HVAC, EMS, access control, and other building systems and operating these systems via computer GUI’s
  • Proficiency with repair tools and techniques
  • Attention to detail and effective problem-solving skills
  • Ability to lift moderately-heavy equipment and comfortable standing or walking for long periods of time
  • Able to make quick, effective, time-critical, decisions

How to Apply

Email a resume and cover letter to Executive Director Kim Hill at
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 214-533-1136


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