UPDATE March 23: General Conference will be held in 2021.

From the news release: Subsequent to the announcement by the Executive Committee of the Commission on the General Conference that the 2020 General Conference will be postponed, the full Commission met March 21, 2020 to determine next steps to take in setting a new date.

After hearing recommendations from Sara Hotchkiss, Business Manager of the General Conference, and discussion of possible alternatives, the Commission made a determination that the General Conference will not meet in 2020 as originally planned and elected to work toward setting a date in 2021. Read full release



Bishop Michael McKee greets the newly elected delegates, including Kelly Carpenter and Cammy Gaston.

Every four years, the members of the North Texas Annual Conference elect delegates that will represent them at

  • General Conference: May 5-15, 2020 in Minneapolis ... POSTPONED TO 2021
  • Jurisdictional Conference: July 15-18, 2020 in The Woodlands, Texas ... POSTPONED TO 2021



As you may (or may not) know, delegates, especially alternate delegates, are committed to pay for travel expenses out-of-pocket not only for General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference, but to any national or regional pre-briefing meetings for these conferences. To remain the most informed delegation, it is imperative that all 23 delegates have the opportunity to attend all meetings that we can. We believe that financial burden should never be the cause of a delegate being unable to participate fully, therefore, we call upon the North Texas Conference to help us start a fund for our current 2020 delegation travel expenses and for the travel expense of our delegations in the future.



Elected Delegates

General Conference
Clergy Lay
Clayton Oliphint Kelly Carpenter
Stan Copeland Kenneth Wolverton
Cammy Gaston Shandon Klein
Maria Dixon Hall Jessica Vittorio
Jurisdictional Conference
Rachel Baughman Tim Crouch
Ron Henderson Keri Lynn Lucas
Ricky Harrison Kathleen Pryor
Rob Spencer

Collin Echols-Richter

Edlen Cowley

Linda Parks

Edgar Bazan-Garza

Sally Vonner

Jenna Morrison Laura Hudec
Andy Stoker