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What is the purpose of this program?

To allow space for youth to grow into their role as leaders in their church and in their communities. This includes opportunities to serve and make decisions in both a camp and local church environment.

Who is eligible?

Junior Counselors

Youth completing 7th grade through 10th grade who show an aptitude for leadership. Junior Counselors will be nominated by their counselors and directors at the previous year’s camp or by their local church youth leader or pastor.

7th and 8th graders selected for the program will be given the opportunity to serve as Junior Counselors at the Junior High Camp that their church attends. If their church does not attend Junior High camp, the youth will be able to pick either week.

9th and 10th graders selected for the program will be given the opportunity to serve as Junior Counselors at one of the two Children’s camps participating in the program.

Youth Counselors

Youth who have spent at least one summer as a Youth Counselor in Training and have completed 10th grade. (The need to be a JC before becoming a YC will take affect once the program is established. For now we will accept applications from all 11th and 12th graders to become Youth Counselors.)

Youth Counselors will serve at one of the four camps listed above.

What are the responsibilities of a Junior Counselor?

JCs are responsible for participating and helping to facilitate family group time. They will be given specific portions of the curriculum to lead every day. They will also participate in daily reflections at the end of each day about how they feel the day went, what they learned and looking forward to the following day's lesson. These daily reflections will be led by Youth Counselors.

What are the responsibilities of a Youth Counselor?

YCs are responsible for leading Junior Counselors through daily reflections and review of the following day's curriculum. They will also be given the opportunity to shadow Camp Directors and Staff to assist in daily tasks and get a sense of what those positions do on a daily basis.

What are the expectations of Junior/Youth Counselors?

  • Attend the training.
  • Attend at least one summer camp as a Youth Counselor or Junior Counselor.
  • Sign a covenant agreement at the end of their training that highlights their roles as youth leaders.
  • Set an example of exceptional behavior for other campers.

What is the cost?

Our 7th- and 8th-grade participants will need to register and pay for camp through the Bridgeport website. The 9th – 12th graders serving at Junior High and Children’s camps registration will receive a scholarship from the Conference Camp Youth Leadership Program to cover the cost of the camp they serve at.

What attributes should counselors and youth leaders be looking for?

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Communicator
  • Creative
  • Enthusiastic
  • Good judgment

What is the process for becoming and Junior/Youth Counselor?

Candidates must fill out and submit an online application. The application deadline is May 14. Once your application has been approved you will be notified of next steps and any additional information that might be needed. 

How can I find out more?

Email Joseph Bradley, NTC Director of Camping and Retreat Ministries, if you have any questions.