Pivot In Summer-Camp Offerings A Virtual Success

Bridgeport in a BoxOnline curriculum provided ample opportunities for children, youths to connect in new format

Bridgeport Camp and Conference Center is a special place for many throughout the North Texas Conference. However, COVID-19 required us to evaluate if summer camp would be something that we would be able to offer in 2020. Once it was clear that we would not be able to provide a safe environment for our seven camps that usually serves over 1,200 campers, we immediately started planning for how we might still partner with churches to bring the love and grace of the Gospel to children and youth throughout North Texas. 

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We are looking forward to and working hard on Summer 2021.



Where in the World is God was a project born from the love and creativity of children's ministry professionals from around the North Texas Conference and the country, with a goal to make this time in ministry a little more connected and a little less daunting.

Summer is now over, and our community has grown from the initial team of 30 to over 2,000 people who have found us online, in church and in their communities. We are so grateful for the chance to share God's love with families and to go on this journey together.

This resource will remain active through May 2021 for churches to continue using our free virtual faith formation program throughout the school year. Thank you to everyone who created, promoted and implemented Where in the World is God this summer!