2019 Nominations Form

The Nominations Committee of the North Texas Annual Conference works to identify persons with interest, gifts and commitment to serve beyond the local congregation. Please help us by taking a few minutes to fill out this profile sheet. Your profile sheet is used by the Nominations Committee as a guide in your consideration for nomination. You will be notified with its decision.
Deadline for submitting Profile Sheets is Jan. 18, 2019.


General Information


Opportunities for Consideration to Serve

Implementation of the Four Areas of Focus: 

  • developing principled Christian leaders for the church and the world
  • creating new places for new people and revitalizing existing congregations
  • engaging in ministry with the poor
  • combating the diseases of poverty by improving health globally

In order to implement these areas of mission and ministry through the congregations of the North Texas  Conference, work will be coordinated through these opportunities to serve. Please pick at least one area you have interest in serving: 

CLD: Center for Leadership Development CCD: Center for Church Development CMO: Center for Missional Outreach CCR: Center for Connectional Resources


Essay Questions



Gender, age, ethnicity and church membership information is important so that the Nominations Committee can provide inclusiveness in all areas.